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Fisherman’s Church

Channel 4’s programme; The Restoration Man, saw Jackie Robinson and Neil Worrell renovate the old abandoned St Peter’s church, located in the heart of the stunning fishing village of Brixham, into their first home together.

The church, which was built in 1874, had stood abandoned for 5 years so when Neil and Jackie found it, it was derelict, damp and dilapidated. Due to its poor condition, it also needed completely stripping out internally and full restoration throughout.

Three different types of ceramic tiles were used throughout the building, including four different styles and patterns of modern wall tiles for each of the four unique bathrooms. Victorian patterned clay floor tiles in decorative designs for the master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area and off-white extra large Italian 1.2 metre square tiles throughout the ‘modernist’ basement area.

Norcros provided technical assistance in scheduling their requirements for tiling, substrate materials, grouts, silicone and waterproofing compounds. This was a highly complex specification as the tiling was done to a variety of substrates including plasterboard, chipboard, plywood, blockwork, concrete slabs and existing masonry walls. ‘’Norcros were very helpful technically and the products were subsequently delivered to the site quickly and efficiently’’ said Jackie.

With over 10 tonnes of ceramic tiles used within the finished project, Neil and Jackie are delighted with how they turned out on the finished build.

The products used included;

How To Level A Floor Using Pro 30 Fast Track Eco Levelling Compound

  1. First, make sure the area is clean and dry. Brush away any dust, dirt, or laitance
  2. Now you’re ready to prime. Thoroughly mix Norcros Prime Bond with water at a ratio of 1-to-4
  3. Apply with a brush over the floor and leave to dry
  4. Now you’re ready to start applying the leveller. Add 5 litres of water to a clean bucket and slowly add the 20kg bag
  5. Using a drill mixer, mix enough leveller for about 20 minutes working time
  6. Mix it to a smooth consistency
  7. Pour the compound onto the floor
  8. Trowel out to the desired depth, ensuring all areas are evenly covered
  9. Test if the levelling compound is dry by using your hand. It’s normal for heat to radiate from the newly-laid floor
  10. Once it’s dry, floor coverings can be laid using the manufacturers recommended methods

How To Fix Wall Tiles Using NX Universal Tile Adhesive

  1. To mix a full 20kg bag of the adhesive, first you need to pour 5 litres of clean water into a clean mixing bucket, then add the power
  2. Using a drill mixer, mix to a smooth consistency
  3. Using a notched trowel, spread the adhesive to 4 uniform ribs
  4. Now and then, prise a tile away from the background to check that the back of the tile is fully covered with adhesive

Barratt/David Wilson Homes

Norcros Adhesives are proud to be the sole national specifier and supplier of adhesive and grouts for all Barratt and David Wilson Home builds. Working closely with both of the companies, as well as on-site with the tiling contractors, tiling systems were developed to suit all installations and substrates whilst keeping to the tight schedules common to all new builds.

The products used included;

Chelsea Flower Show

A stunning example of the outdoor use of tiles was the garden seat at Chelsea Flower Show. In order to ensure that the 800 individual porcelain tiles were firmly bonded to the exterior grade plywood structure, Norcros products including; Norcros Prime Bond, Norcros Thick Bed Stone and Porcelain Adhesive and Norcros Flexible Floor and Wall Grout were specified.

The combination of neutral coloured tiles and sharp, clean lines brought a highly – modern minimalist feel to the design. Combined with the beautiful, bright foliage surroundings; this provided an eye catching and unusual contrast.