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How To Level A Floor Using Pro 30 Fast Track Eco Levelling Compound

  1. First, make sure the area is clean and dry. Brush away any dust, dirt, or laitance
  2. Now you’re ready to prime. Thoroughly mix Norcros Prime Bond with water at a ratio of 1-to-4
  3. Apply with a brush over the floor and leave to dry
  4. Now you’re ready to start applying the leveller. Add 5 litres of water to a clean bucket and slowly add the 20kg bag
  5. Using a drill mixer, mix enough leveller for about 20 minutes working time
  6. Mix it to a smooth consistency
  7. Pour the compound onto the floor
  8. Trowel out to the desired depth, ensuring all areas are evenly covered
  9. Test if the levelling compound is dry by using your hand. It’s normal for heat to radiate from the newly-laid floor
  10. Once it’s dry, floor coverings can be laid using the manufacturers recommended methods

How To Fix Wall Tiles Using NX Universal Tile Adhesive

  1. To mix a full 20kg bag of the adhesive, first you need to pour 5 litres of clean water into a clean mixing bucket, then add the power
  2. Using a drill mixer, mix to a smooth consistency
  3. Using a notched trowel, spread the adhesive to 4 uniform ribs
  4. Now and then, prise a tile away from the background to check that the back of the tile is fully covered with adhesive