Norcros Adhesives has cracked the problem of tiling on to bitumen and asphalt substrates with the latest addition to its Ultim8 family of ready-mixed tiling adhesives.

The company has developed Ultim8 B+ specifically to enable easy and rapid tiling on to bitumen or asphalt surfaces or surfaces coated with contact adhesive residues. Up until now this has only been possible after carrying out a messy and tedious scabbling process to remove all traces of the asphalt and bitumen.

This is particularly an issue in refurbishment projects, where it may be desired to tile over an old bitumen or asphalt surface. These are often found on floors where old vinyl tiles have been removed and on balconies, and the complications involved can greatly add to the difficulties of tiling in such areas. Bitumen surfaces are also encountered in new build, particularly in cellars, where bitumen damp proof membranes are often installed.

Ultim8 B+ is now by far the most straightforward solution for tiling in such circumstances, whether interior or exterior.

The product operates as a system in which the installer firstly fixes Norcros 6mm Pro Board to the bitumen or asphalt surface using Ultim8 B+, a procedure which requires minimal preparation. The installer can then fix ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles to the surface of the board, using a cement-based tile adhesive, for internal or external use as appropriate.

“Laying new flooring over a surface covered in bitumen residues often causes a major headache for contractors,” says Mandy Searle, head of technical services at Norcros Adhesives. “Now there’s no need to spend time and money preparing the area by removing such awkward residues. This new product ends all the uncertainty and is a real breakthrough in this area.”

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Technical Support

Technical Support

For technical information about Norcros Adhesive products please call: 01782 524140


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