Laying Norcros Permalayer onto a Green Screed

  1. First, your existing screed should be sealed with a coat of Norcros Prime Bond, diluted 1-to-4 with water
  2. Roll out the Permalayer and cut to the size required
  3. Next, pour cold water into a mixing bucket and gradually add the adhesive powder. Only mix the amount of adhesive you would be able to use within half an hour, else it will begin to skin over
  4. Use an electric mixer to achieve the right consistency
  5. Now, spread out the adhesive using a suitably notched trowel
  6. Firmly press the matting into the adhesive with the smooth side of thr trowel. The adhesive should penetrate through the surface of the mat. Leave it to dry
  7. Once dry, you’re ready to start drying
  8. Mix another batch of adhesive as before
  9. Spread the adhesive using a suitable trowel, such as a thick bed trowel
  10. Firmly press the tiles into the adhesive ribs with a slight twisting action to ensure the adhesive ribs collapse to form a solid bed of adhesive beneath the tiles
  11. Once you’re finished, your tiles can be grouted 3 hours after you have finished laying

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Technical Support

For technical information about Norcros Adhesive products please call:

01782 524140

Technical Support

Technical Support

For technical information about Norcros Adhesive products please call: 01782 524140


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