“We’re always looking to bring new ideas to the table, to innovate and, thoroughly listen to our customers, to deliver unique products they really need.”

Dr Mohammed Nawaz, the Quality & Business Improvement Manager for Norcros Adhesives, summarises the adhesive manufacturer’s ethos perfectly. Developing innovative products using the latest technology is at the heart of what makes Norcros Adhesives tick.

And their new Reinforced Polymer Technology range is a case in point.

The Norcros Adhesives Reinforced Polymer Technology range is the next stage in the evolution of tiling adhesives. The premium formulations have been specifically designed by Mohammed and his team to provide the most superior bond yet. The increased level of polymer strands gives reinforced flexural and bond strength, in addition to providing excellent crack bridging, anti-shrinkage and thermal ageing properties.

Mohammed certainly has the perfect background and blend of skills to oversee the development of the new products.

Before joining Norcros Adhesives, he worked for Lafarge Tarmac, honing his minerals and cement-based chemistry and giving him a different – yet relevant – set of skills within tile adhesive technology development. Add the fact that Mohammed has a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from Manchester University and you begin to see why he’s the perfect man for the job.

“It’s the perfect match,” he says. “My background in minerals and cement, together with my passion for polymer science and technology; for the potential it has to deliver incredible products, concludes that the Reinforced Polymer Technology range is pretty much the dream product for me.”

“The key to developing the products was to optimise the polymer chain length for each of the products in the range. A mineral component is added and then the polymer – which improves the adhesive qualities and delivers so much more.”

Mohammed’s role at Norcros Adhesives – Quality & Business Improvement Manager – was a new one introduced by the company in December 2013, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. Mohammed oversees R&D, product development and is also implementing a range of business improvement programmes.

Like all new products, the Reinforced Polymer Technology range started in laboratory development. Mohammed says, “You’re down to the molecular level with a polymer, which has a structure built up chiefly from a large number of similar units bonded together, so it was important to get the correct interactions from the polymer chains within the tile adhesive formulations. Delivering a perfect polymer for the new Norcros Adhesives range is where the challenge lay.“

An extensive pilot phase followed before full production, with lots of testing along the way, some in-house and plenty more externally for independent evaluation.

But it’s no good developing new products and utilising the latest technology for its own sake. Mohammed is proud of Norcros Adhesives’ passion for listening to customers to find out what they need.

“It’s a dialogue,” he says. “It’s only through talking to customers – and more importantly listening to them – that you’re able to deliver products that can really make a difference and take things to the next level.”

The Reinforced Polymer Technology range certainly takes things to the next level – it’s the next evolution in tile adhesives and levelling compounds.

“The qualities that this range delivers are remarkable,” Mohammed says. “There is greater flexibility, the polymer strands bridge gaps and help to interlock the cement matrix, giving increased strength. It has impressive non-slip properties and absorbs impact really well, too.”

It was discussions with customers at the testing phase that led to a range of Reinforced Polymer Technology products being developed.

“Where other companies may have a single product,” Mohammed says, “Norcros Adhesives respond to our customers requests for particular products for specific uses, for individual needs.”

For more information contact Norcros Adhesives on 01782 524140.

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Technical Support

For technical information about Norcros Adhesive products please call: 01782 524140


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