Tile Grout & Sealants

Our tile grout range covers all joint widths, tile colours and functions. We have 15 colours to choose from to match every style and type of installation.

Take a look at our range of tile grouts below – there’s something for every project.

At Norcros Adhesives, we pride ourselves on the quality of our tile grout products. We offer a range of grouting products, from tile grout, to sealant, and epoxy grout.


With Norcros Adhesives, you can trust in our products to deliver reliability and quality throughout. Why not request a sample of our grouts?

Floor Tile Grout

Our floor tile grouts are available with a number of advanced features to help create a great job. Features of our floor tile grout including being anti-bacterial and fungal resistant, flexible, suitable for walls and floors, and rapid setting.

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Common questions about Tile Grout & Sealants

Which colours of grout are available?

There are a wide range of grout colours available, from various whites, through to grey, and more.

You can see our range of grout colours online.

Which grout colour should I choose?

Your choice of grout colour depends on the project and the type of style you are looking to achieve.

To allow the tile pattern to stand out, a contrasting colour is recommended. On the other hand to create a consistent, unified feel, choose a colour that is close to the colour of the tile.

Should the grout be the same colour as the tile?

The colour of the grout does not need to match the colour of the tiles.

In fact, it’s usually quite difficult to find a grout colour that matches the tile colour. So usually you’ll have to pick what’s closest, or go for a contrasting colour.



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